• Cream-Brown-Charcoal Courtyard Stone pavers in a random ashlar pattern. Walls are Cream-Brown-Charcoal Stonewall® II with the same wall caps used for the pool coping.
  • Cream-Brown-Charcoal Stonewall® II seating wall.
  • Sand-Stone-Mocha Stonewall® II firepit with Sand-Stone-Mocha Courtyard Stone pavers installed in an ashlar pattern.
  • Steps: Cream-Brown-Charcoal Stonewall II®
  • Steps: Sand-Stone-Mocha Stonewall II Cap stairs.
  • Sand-Stone-Mocha Stonewall Retaining Wall.
  • Sand-Stone-Mocha Stonewall II Column.
  • Gray-Moss-Charcoal Stonewall II Firepit.
  • Sand-Stone-Mocha Stonewall II Firepit.
  • Gray-Moss-Charcoal Stonewall II Column and Light.
  • Sand-Stone-Mocha Stonewall II planter.
  • Tuscan Stonewall II planter.
  • Tuscan Stonewall Firepit.

Angelus StoneWall® II Olympic Series is a seven-stone package of textured units in warm, earth-toned colors, complemented with the StoneWall II Caps package. These units offer a versatile medium for creative expression in any landscape design, ideal for seat walls, decorative low-rise walls, low retaining, columns, barbeque enclosures, and more.
For retaining capabilities, see Angelus Segmental Retaining Wall Systems.

Download the how-to brochure Decorative Landscape Walls Installation Guide, that includes guides for all Angelus Decorative Walls and BBQs.

NOTE: StoneWall II units are palletized together as a 7-stone package. StoneWall II Caps are separate from the wall units, and are palletized together as a 3-stone package. 3 Way Alignment Plugs sold separately; approximately 65-70 plugs needed for each pallet of wall units.


Manufactured by Angelus Block Co., Inc. Licensed and patented by Westblock Systems, LLC.

12.5'' W x 12.5'' D x 3'' H

5''-7'' W x 12.5'' D x 3'' H

9'' - 10''W x 12.5'' D x 3'' H

12'' W x 10.5'' D x 6'' H

9''W x 10.5''D x 6''H

6''W x 10.5''D x 6'' H

9'' - 10'' W x 10.5 ''D x 6'' H

4''- 6'' W x 10.5'' D x 6''H

10''- 12'' W x 10.5'' D x 6'' H

14''- 16'' W x 10.5'' D x 6'' H


All color images are intended to be representative only. Colors as shown are subject to media variation in reproduction. variation in color, shades of color, texture, and aggregate exposure is inherent in all concrete products and exact matches cannot be guaranteed. A color may not be available from all locations. Availability of colors or textures as “stock” or “special order” is subject to change without notice. Always view samples prior to installation.

Wall Colors (shown in Stonewall® II Olympic Series )