• This Gray Turfstone is filled with artificial turf for a greenbelt appearance where reduced maintenance and water use is desired.
  • This Fire Lane access area was installed with Gray Turfstone and natural grass.
  • Gray Turfstone installation allows the growth of natural grass while providing both a driveable surface and protection for the root system of the grass.

Turfstone Concrete Grid Pavements are perfect for greenbelts that double as roadways, overflow parking, and fire access lanes. Turfstone pavements with established grass promote lower local air temperatures and substantially reduce stormwater runoff.
See also Permeable Paver System and Sustainable Design: Green Credits and Strategies for detailed information.
They are perfect for erosion control of slopes and stream and lakeside embankments, providing immediate, permanent stabilization until vegetation is established.
Angelus Permeable Pavers Fact Sheet




All color images are intended to be representative only. Colors as shown are subject to media variation in reproduction. variation in color, shades of color, texture, and aggregate exposure is inherent in all concrete products and exact matches cannot be guaranteed. A color may not be available from all locations. Availability of colors or textures as “stock” or “special order” is subject to change without notice. Always view samples prior to installation.

Solid Colors (shown in Antique Cobble I)